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Edu-c8 Mental Health & Wellbeing are excited to announce we can now offer online mental health training courses. The online courses are LIVE and interactive, giving the best online learning experience.

Due to the nature of mental health training we always advocate in-person training over online training, however due to the CODIV-19 pandemic we have adapted to facilitate online learning. 

We hope to resume in person courses in  all our locations starting in September.

Online Mental Health First Aid Course Dates

4th & 6th August

11th & 13th August

26th & 28th August

2nd & 4th Sept

9th & 11th Sept

22nd & 24th Sept

28th & 30th Sept

19th & 21st October

Our passion is to raise mental health awareness and wellbeing.
The training we provide will empower individuals to look after their own wellbeing and understand and promote mental health in the workplace and the community as a whole.

Research suggests that improving UK workplace mental health management could reduce employers’ losses attributed to mental illness by 30%.

Every business in the UK is affected by mental health issues in the work place. Whilst there is now a growing appreciation for employers to address this a lot still need to be done.

Mental health illness costs UK businesses around £34.9 billion every year, this equates to £1300 per employee.

Healthy employees are happier and more productive. Looking after mental health is as important as physical health. The provision of high quality mental health training will make a lasting difference. It will give individuals the knowledge to enable early detection of mental ill health and the confidence to support someone who is facing it.

“Supporting mental health in the workplace is not just a corporate responsibility; staff who have positive mental health are more productive and businesses who promote a progressive approach to mental health can see a significant impact on business performance, so it’s about good business too.”

Dr Justin Varney
National Lead for Adult Health and Wellbeing Public Health England


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Days of sickness absence caused by mental health issues in the UK in 2016

Office for National Statistics, 2017

For more information for the cost of mental ill health in the workplace CLICK HERE

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