One third of UK workers state that their mental health is better working from home

A new survey from Specialist recruiter Randstad of UK workers stated that One third (31%) felt their mental health is better working from home. 

However, the poll of over 600 UK jobseekers also discovered that a quarter (28%) of employees feel that their mental wellbeing is for the better when they are office-based.

In addition, research carried out by revealed that 83% of employees feel they do not need an office to be productive.

Nearly 200 respondents agree that the ‘new normal’ of working from the comfort of their own home gave them better mental health with:

  • fewer distractions, 
  • less commuting and a 
  • better work/life balance 


working in the office


working from home


the same in either

Additional research also found that remote workers are not only happier but they are also healthier than their office based counterparts, taking an average of 2.4 sick days a year as opposed to the 2.6 days taken by office based employees.

Previous research carried out by Randstad revealed that more than half of UK workers fear they could lose their jobs as a result of the COVID-19.

While some are excited for work-life to return to the new normal and get back to the office, other had the following fears:

fear of contracting the virus

loss of things gained during lockdown

unwanted interactions with certain colleagues

career uncertainty

long uncomfortable commute

Flexibility has long proven to be a key contributor towards positive mental wellbeing, and this has been reinforced by the recent poll data with more respondents feeling more comfortable at home than in the office.

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